In the sustainable development plan of PHENIKAA Group, research and development (R&D) activities are always considered as an essential part, a foundation for the long-term sustainable development of the company.

In order to stimulate and develop systematically all the R&D activities, based on the research outputs and successful technological applications of the Center for Research, Development and Application of PHENIKAA, on April 9, 2018, Dr. Ho Xuan Nang, the Chairman of PHENIKAA Group, signed to establish the PHENIKAA Research and Technology Institute (PRATI). PRATI is a science-andtechnology organization, having its own seal, bank account and certificate for working in science and technology, belonging directly to PHENIKAA. PRATI is organized following the model of an international research institute: it has an international co-director and the International Advisory Board comprising of famous international scientists and leaders of several international high-tech industrial companies.

PRATI focuses on research with high industrial applicability in many areas such as Emergent Materials, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Pharmacy, Agriculture, 3D Printing Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Automation & Mechatronics, etc. On the one hand, the institute aims to improve and enhance the quality of flagship products of PHENIKAA; on the other hand, it can open new areas and initiates new products for the rapid, sustainable, long-term development of the company.

With the commitment of PHENIKAA, PRATI is expected to become not only the heart of all R&D activities of the company but also the center for science and technology research, which gathers a large number of leading scientists, researchers and technologists, supports breakthrough innovative ideas and attracts domestic and international enthusiasts in science and technology.


  • Build the PRATI as the heart of the research, development and production activities of the Group;
  • Invent, research and develop new products with long-term vision, promote next-generation products and products satisfying standards for exporting into developed markets (the EU, the USA, Canada, Japan, etc.), as well as low- and medium-cost products that meet the domestic and other low and middle income markets’ demand;
  • Build the Institute with flexibility, from basic research and reverse engineering, to new technology development, carry out product evaluation and production to timely respond to the market’s demand; while at the same time take the initiative to prepare for next-generation products, focusing on high-tech products with high added value;
  • Develop new technologies and products to lay the basis for the Group to expand into other fields related to agriculture, pharmaceutical sciences, energy environment and health care, etc;
  • Develop domestic materials technology, reduce the import ratio and increase the percentage of domestic materials;
  • Consult, evaluate and supervise production processes from input stage to output quality control.

PRATI aims to become the Research Center with high impact to the community in the following areas: