Research Directions/Programs

1. Metallic 3D Printing on Porcelain and Ceramic products

  • Synthesis of materials suitable for the technology of metallic 3D printing on porcelain and ceramic products;
  • Establish technological process of metallic 3D printing on porcelain and ceramic products.

2. Thermal and optical simulation

  • Study the heat transfer process in electrical/electronic devices using Finite Element Method;
  • Study the optical transmission in lighting devices using Monte Carlo ray tracing method.

3. Low-Dimensional nanomaterials

  • Synthesis of low-dimensional semiconductor metal oxides (0D, 1D, 2D) for application in fabricating high-efficiency and energy-saving Light Emitting Diodes, sensors, biomarkers, antibacterial ..etc.;
  • Synthesis of protective coating materials for quartz surface with superior features such as super-hydrophobicity, UV resistance, scratch resistance and antibacterial;
  • Research on the mixing of micro/nanomaterials to form quartz surface aims to create surfaces with light reflective or phosphorescence properties.

4. Renewable Energy and Electronic Materials and Devices

  • Fabricate layer structure semiconductors: SnSe, SnSe2, SnS, In2Te3, Bi2Te3, Bi2Se3 and oxide bulks and thin films for thermoelectric application;
  • Control thermoelectric properties of materials by doping, using hybrid compound, and nano-structure;
  • Fabricate high power thermoelectric devices, locally cooling devices, and micro-power devices for electronic applications.

5. Agricultural biotechnology

  • Breeding, inbred lines development, selection using molecular markers;
  • Study the role of microorganism on soil ecology and plant in order to improve soil quality for crop production.

6. Artificial Intelligence

  • Research and development in algorithms and technologies for machine learning and intelligent systems;
  • Research in pattern systems for intelligent robots;
  • Research in pattern systems for medicine, including detection and warning for stroke in elderly;
  • Research in smart surveillance for intelligent transport systems.