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PRATI & TIAS Opening ceremony program

PRATI & TIAS OPENING CEREMONY PROGRAM August-9, 2018 at JUNIOR BALLROOM, JW MARRIOT HOTEL, HANOI, VIETNAM Program 17:00-17:30: Arrival and Greeting of Guests. 17:30-17:45: Introduction of the guests; Welcome address. 17:50-18:00: Opening speech by Prof. Do Van Nam, Director TIAS; Speech by Prof. Mark H Rummeli, Co-director TIAS; Speech by Prof. Sunglae Cho, Co-Director PRATI; Speech by Dr […]

1st Meetings of the International Advisory Committee

1st Meetings of the International advisory committee (IAC) in Thursday August 09, 2018 (Afternoon) 14:00-15:30: IAC Meetings Chairs: Dr. Ho Xuan Nang, PHENIKAA President; Dr. Ferrari, Chair of PRATI IAC; Prof. Sunglae Cho, PRATI Co-director; Prof. Mark H Rummeli, TIAS Co-director. Presentation 1:Thanh Tay Institute for Advanced Studies: Organization, Goals, Activities and Future Plans, Prof. Do […]

International Workshop on Frontier Materials and Nanotechnology

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON FRONTIER MATERIALS AND NANOTECHNOLOGYAugust-9, 2018 JW Marriot Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam WORKSHOP PROGRAM 08:30-09:00: Registration. 09:00-09:10: Opening: Opening speech: Workshop chair: Professor. Do van Nam; Welcome speech: PHENIKAA president: Dr. Ho Xuan Nang. SESSION 1 Chairs: Prof. Sunglae Cho & Dr Maurizio Ferrari. 09:10-09:30: Invited talk 1: Advanced Studies at TIAS and PRATI: An Overview, Prof. […]